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    How to bring family aboard

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    Since this is Christmas eve-eve, I figured I'd get some fun thoughts on getting family to eat a little more paleo. Are you the cook in your family, or the victim? My husband is on a low fat diet and was cutting up slices of cold meat a few minutes ago. I screamed, "Caveman diet!!" and snatched half his stuff on my way through the kitchen. He called me a nasty name, then inquired about what I was eating in my new lifestyle. My snacks are WAY better than his and will help remove wheat from the family. Any others?

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    yow. THAT's got to be challenging..... I'm the cook but my kids are getting big (currently in the house: 19-yo female, 18-yo male, 17-yo DS, 14-yo DD, 10-yo DD). The oldest two are frequent visitors and 'tolerate' my "silliness". my 17-yo is totally against the changes i'm implementing but is noticing some of his favorite things are disappearing but i also catch him using more butter and sea salt! my 14-yo is totally on board but th 10yo isnt much of a meat-eater. good thing she likes eggs. husband will eat whatever is on a plate and not moving.

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    I'm the cook at home and my kids will eat what they're told or nothing Fortunately, they're younger (7, 7 & 5) and they love meat, eggs and vegies.

    I'm a nurse and scared my SO into primal by telling him scary stories of young diabetic amputee/renal failure/blindness/etc.. patients. I've got him so scared of sugar and bread he runs screaming at the sight of a donut

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