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Thread: Aila's Primal Journey

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    Aila's Primal Journey

    Hi all,

    Introducing myself: I am a 46 year old single mom, longtime vegetarian, who started my primal journey on 12/1/10. I learned of MDA a little over a year ago and have been a lurker, trying the plan/lifestyle little by little, and have now completely committed. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

    I grew up small and strong, and look forward to finding that me inside again. I've been committed to health and nutrition even as a child, but the stresses of life, parenting, work, and too many ostenstibly healthy grains have turned me into a person with a body I barely recognize. I have a family history of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiac problems, and have gotten the warning talks from my doc, so it is time.

    3 weeks into my journey, I feel markedly better, and have lost almost 11 lbs. Feels like nice, steady loss. I'm eating eggs, bacon, chicken, pork, beef, some veg, some fruit, cream in my coffee in the morning, cheese and nuts occasionally, the best quality I can find. For movement, I'm just trying to move more at this point. I downloaded all the freebies and really appreciate the PB workouts "stages" for people like me who need to work our way up! Also working on getting more and better quality sleep.

    I know I'm a "junior member" now, but I am going to stick around, and keep posting because I know that keeps me accountable to myself, and hope that eventually I'll connect with some of you!

    PROGRESS PICS on Page 7
    and Page 21
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