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Thread: cauliflower mashed potatoes/miracle noodles

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    cauliflower mashed potatoes/miracle noodles

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    found a lot of info on cauliflower rice. saw that using cauliflower as a substitute for mashed poatoes is also possible. but,most of the recipies/procedures call for using dairy-butter,yougurt,milk as agents to get closer to the consistency of mashed potatoes. any ideas or experience on doing this without using dairy? also found info on "miracle" noodles. a product made from a japanese plant with no carbs,no calories. anybody tried them? thanks for any replies.

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    Most of the richness of traditional mashed potatoes is due to butter/milk/cream... When I do the cauliflower mash I still add some butter for that reason. You could use chicken broth for some added flavor (and fat, if homemade).
    No idea on the noodles.

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    You could use coconut milk or coconut cream in the mashed cauliflower, but you'll have that coconut flavor. Adding flavorful broth is a good idea. When I make mashed cauliflower, I throw the cooked cauliflower in the food processor which produces a very smooth texture. I think carmelized onions would be an awesome addition, too.

    I've yet to try those noodles. Some people say they think the texture is funky.

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    If you buy good quality butter you should be okay to use it on the cauliflower even though you don't want to eat dairy.
    The miracle noodles are not too bad. The first time I tried them I hated them because of fishy smell. Just make sure to rinse well and use lots of herbs, spices etc so that the noodles can soak up the flavour. They are not a perfect match for noodles but are okay. That spaghetti squash made into noodles is probably better but I haven't seen a spaghetti squash here in my shopping centre in Perth, W. Australia.

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