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Thread: Primal Shoes for restaurant work?

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    Primal Shoes for restaurant work?

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    I was first turned on to the idea of "minimalist shoes" such as Vibrams through Marks Daily Apple, and I have a pair of KSO Trek's that I love very dearly. They've given the ground back to me and made walking SSSOOO much more enjoyable than I thought it could be.

    One problem I have however is that I work at Starbucks(which isn't a problem per se ;P ), and Vibrams really don't work in that environment. About a month or two after I switched to them, my work shoes began to pain me dearly, and I had to switch through several different pairs before I found something that worked. And they only worked because I ripped out ALL the padding till I had only a thin layer of rubber between my feet & the floor. Now those are starting to go & I am at a crossroads.

    Most of the minimalist shoes that might work for Starbucks are all terribly expensive(Terra Plana) & I'm hesitant to throw down cash until I have explored as many options as I can.

    The requirements for shoes at Sbux are:
    -Must be waterproof.
    -Must be grippy.
    -Brown or Black for colour preference.

    If anybody can throw any suggestions my way, my feet would be eternally thankful.

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    i picked up a pair of these recently. they are black, waterproof, i've noticed great traction, and they've got no support or padding on the bottom with a wide toe. they are replacing my vibrams at work, and all winter.

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    Not cheap, but these would likely work great.
    I've tried them on and the toe box is huge, loads of room to spread your toes and fully waterproof.
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    Chuck Taylor All Stars. Classic black.
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