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Thread: Starting out...

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    Starting out...

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    Hey all!

    Obligatory Meet'n'Greet thread :-)

    For a while I had been looking to get started with something new with regards to a more healthy lifestyle. I used to do 7 hours of martial arts a week, cycled everywhere and had hardly any fat at all... Aah, youth ;-)

    Fast forward a couple of years and I'm living a sedentary life, had a huge share of health problems since then and well, in general, my body could use some work.

    I always like to dive in head first. I find that if I don't and I keep looking, little to nothing happens. So I just go for it - I can pick up knowledge on the way. At first I said to myself, let's hold this of till New Year and make this my good intention. The weather is bad, Christmas is coming up - I might need some time. But meh, excuses are always there, so I just started. (I did the same when quiting cafeine, somewhere last year in Dec - once you make up your mind, go for it and don't put it off).

    I am not far in the book yet, haven't even gotten to "how" to eat. I just started from the 10 rules.

    Move Frequently at a Slow Pace.

    I got it into my head to start with this by walking home from work everyday (not to, don't wanna arrive all sweaty). I was going to start on Thursday... Then my friend offered me a ride, it's cold, I need to go shopping - I caved... On Friday he offered me again, this time I declined. -16C, plenty of snow. Took me only 45 minutes to get home. Normally, by public transportation: 30 min. I say, that's a good 15 minute investment.

    Today went online and ordered me a pull up bar. The moment I get that, I'll start with SimpleFit and later will add in sprints - when the snow is gone.

    Obviously, the biggest change will be the change in what I eat - and I'm getting there, but for that I'll need to finish my reading (unless there is some fast track advice...)

    Hope to stick with this and hope to stick around...

    P.S. Anybody Polish around? I'm Belgian, living in Poland

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    Welcome onboard, and well done on turning down that lift. Not sure that many would've in those conditions ;-)

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    Way to be! Good luck, I'm right there with you!

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    Welcome! I dive right into things as well!
    Drop all grains, sugar & legumes right away.
    Make sure to eat plenty of good fat to avoid sugar/carb cravings. (Butter/lard/coconut oil)
    Read this.

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    Thanks for the heads up guys! Appreciate it!

    Dragonfly, definetely a good read - still going through the book and taking info as it comes... Right now just trying to wrap my head around completely different meals (especially breakfast)...

    Keeping up with the walking. Today: heavy snowfall when walking home. Right, mother nature, just give me your worst now, it'll make all the rest easier :-)

    I know food is going to be the biggest change, but that, I really have to put off till after Christmas...

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