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Thread: Thyroid problems, digestive issues and acne: low carb or moderate carb diet best?

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    Thyroid problems, digestive issues and acne: how to approach this?

    Howdy all!

    I've been dealing with some health problems (hypothyroid, elevated cortisol, undiagnosed digestive stuff[dysbiosis?]) and acne for over a year now, and am confused on which approach to take to help with these issues: low carb or moderate carb.

    I've read that low carb helps with acne but isn't good for the thyroid, and I've read that carbs may flare up acne and exacerbate gut dysbiosis issues. But I'm also trying to gain weight and stimulate my thyroid, and therefore I'm not sure if ketosis is bad for me or not. I'm currently in ketosis out of fear of flaring up my acne with carbs but am feeling like a cabbage, so I think I'm doin' it wrong.

    My thyroid tests in July (pre-primal) were this:
    TSH: 3.4, up from 0.95 one year prior
    Free T4: 1.21 ng/dL (.82-1.77)
    Free T3: 2.9 pg/mL (2.0-4.4)
    TPO: 8 IU/mL (0-34)
    Antithyroglobulin AB: <20 IU/mL (0-40)

    And two weeks ago, after approx 5 months primal, my labs were this:
    Vitamin D: 86 ng/mL (30-100)
    Ferritin: 40 ng/mL (11-307)
    TSH: 1.25 uIU/mL (0.34-5.60)
    Free T3: 2.33 pg/mL (2.50-3.90) LOW
    Free T4: 0.99 ng/dL (0.54-1.24)

    Upper GI series with small bowel follow-through was totally normal.

    And as far as auto-immune stuff, I think I'm in the clear:
    ESR: 16 (0-20)
    ANA: negative
    Lyme Antibody AB: negative
    Gliadin Antibodies (IgG, IgA): negative (but saliva IgA was positive. huh?)
    ANA: negative
    RPR: non-reactive

    And here's the cortisol results:


    My doctor is good and is ordering some stool tests (culture, o & p with Giardia antigen, cryptosporidiosis, c. diff antigen), but I'm not sure where to go from there and I don't think he is either.

    I currently take 30mg of Armour thyroid (started Tuesday), Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, and Iron.

    Any suggestions? This is an awful lot for me to piece through, and I'm not sure what approach I should be taking here.
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