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Thread: Raw Milk and Bison

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    We love raw milk. Most amazing taste. We do shakes w/ raw milk & coconut oil which are out of this world. Also, my hubby...who's always been slighly milk intolerant, has no issues at all with whole raw milk. As some of the others mentioned it's not strictly Primal, so not everyone uses it on here. But, it's soooo much nicer than regular milk.

    Have had bison too...definitely low fat so requires slooow, low-heat cooking.

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    Also, my hubby...who's always been slighly milk intolerant, has no issues at all with whole raw milk.

    Any farmer who&#39;s taking the trouble to supply unpasteurized milk may also be using a traditional breed of cow, such as Jersey, which could help. I&#39;m sure pasteurizing does cause problems, but so, it&#39;s said, do the proteins in milk from some modern breeds.

    It&#39;s interesting that while on the one hand there are many cultures where dairy products are consumed in large amounts, and in which people are very healthy on account of that, on the other some people do seem to have problems with the products currently on the shelves.

    The other interesting thing is that almost everyone seems to be fine with butter (or, if not clarified butter) - and also with whey.

    It seems the problem might be with a mutated version of a milk protein, beta-casein:

    Some five thousand years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine. Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1 cows, and include breeds like Holstein. ...

    ... the mutated protein, only weakly holds on to BCM 7 [a peptide that&#39;s actually an opiate], so it is liberated in the GI tract of animals and humans who drink A1 cow milk, and it is found in significant quantity in the blood and urine of these animals. ...

    I can get untreated Jersey milk from a local farm - very nice it is, too.

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    Mick...Interesting article. We get our local raw milk from 100% grass-fed cows, so they may well be more traditonal breed. I&#39;ll have to see if I can find out...

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    Interestingly enough, Sally Fallon writes quite a bit about the benefits of raw milk in Nourishing Traditions. Westong Price&#39;s web-site also has tons of material about the benefits of raw milk.

    Raw milk tastes incredible. I had to give it up to see if my weight will start to go down again, but it seems to be stuck no matter what I do, so maybe I&#39;ll start enjoying it again.

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