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Thread: Newbie. Starting out. Want advice on a workout?

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    Quote Originally Posted by primal pete View Post
    try not to put too much pressure on yourself to adhere to a strict workout schedule...don't be afraid to be somewhat spontaneous/sporadic. If you're not feeling it one day...skip the workout and rest. If you're feeling ambitious then up the ante a bit. Thinking about things in the long term is much more effective IMO. For example... try and lift heavy things at least 8-10 times a month...or sprint all out at least 4 times a month, ect.

    Just try and do the right things on a daily basis and don't overly scrutinize yourself. I've had a few xmas cookies too =)

    So yea, be patient and you will see results.
    Primal Pete is right.

    You have to realize that this is a lifestyle. Therefore do not expect perfection. The tortoise wins the race kind of thing. When it comes to the workouts, I rarely know what it is that I am going to do each day. Granted, I've got an idea, but I personally work best by keeping my body guessing all the time. I am constantly switching it up.

    Most weeks I'll workout 5-6 days others only 3 and some all 7 days. The point is to stay active and challenge yourself.

    Grok on!
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