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Thread: Oxygen as a percentage of earth's atmosphere

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    Oxygen as a percentage of earth's atmosphere

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    I was remembering something about oxygen being lower now than in the ancient past, and Mark posted about deep breathing (feels good!) and I got spurred to surf around for data on atmospheric oxygen.

    Here's the graph, from the British Royal Society, as reposted on Wikipedia.

    The red and green lines are the high and low estimates of credible authorities. The fifth time period is a billion years and the portion of that worth considering is maybe the last tenth of it. Fodder for speculation, but not much more!

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    There certainly is cause for scientific concern as we decimate our plant population. Not just forests, but water pollution is doing extensive damage to algae in our oceans. They photosynthesize like other plants, create wonderful oxygen, feed fish, etc. And our pollution and bottom-scraping fishing fleets are destroying them.

    Very concerning.

    But then there's these knuckleheads:

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