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Thread: Gray hair...why?

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    Gray hair...why?

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    I was wondering why people get gray hair. I am closing in on 40 and only have a few, so I've never given it much thought. I know people who are fully white (and dyeing their hair) who are 10 years younger than me.
    I read this and other stuff, but nothing conclusive.

    Wondering if anyone, since going primal, has noticed supps. or dietary changes that made a difference?
    Is graying hair inevitable? It can't be; my grandma's hair is still the same shade of blue its always been......

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    Interesting you ask about gray hair... I think I'm going crazy. I'm 40 and noticeably gray and haven't been able to get my hair highlighted lately due to lack of funds. However, the last couple of days I've noticed that I don't think I'm as gray as I was even 2-3 months ago. Is that possible? I even asked my husband and he agreed. There's less gray hair. I'm styling it the same way so it's not that the gray is blended in differently.

    I know a benefit of this lifestyle is looking younger but I don't think it would manifest itself in turning gray hair back to its original color.

    Maybe winter is already getting to me... CRAZY hahahahaha

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    funny that the NYT article referenced Obama's gray, then went on to say gray is not a marker of aging or stress....and yet, presidents tend to age faster and get gray hair quicker than the rest of us.
    I noticed when I first went primal that my graying slowed way down. its remarkable that scientists are still struggling to figure out why it happens, and how. And yet there's probably an app that can track every follicle on your head & measure its color!!

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    I really don't know why hair turns grey. Maybe it has something to do with age, do you figure? I do know that grey hairs are far more valuable than black hairs. I had to give up about twenty or thirty black hairs for every grey hair.

    I had some people tell me that loss of hair color (Isn't grey a color?) was due to insufficient magnesium. Most of the people who knew that answer apparently didn't care about upping their own magnesium. They had nice collections of grey hair themselves.

    When people remark about my grey hair, I proudly let them know that the color is natural.
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    I am convinced that my hair is getting darker. I wonder if I am just imagining that. But I really think it's true.
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    I don't believe its your imagination that those on primal eating have slowed or less grey. A prime example is my bother. I am 42.5 years old, female with hardly a grey hair to be seen. My bro is 38, eats badly that is all processed carby stuff and is very grey. Now it could be gender genetics, but I think that nutrition has a LOT to do with it. However, not being perfect human beings and succoming to the good old fashioned drink. BUT, I drink fermented grapes, while he drinks malted grains... I think that wine is mightier than the beer!
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    I think grey hair and male pattern baldness is mostly caused by mineral and vitamin deficiencies and a lack of healthy fats. Doctor Mercola said he lost most of his hair when he went on a low fat diet. I think it could possibly have something to do with yeast overgrowth in the hair follicles, too. I've heard a lot of people say they reversed their grey by eating a spoon of black strap molasses every day. Maybe because of its high mineral content?

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    Very interesting... I'm glad to know I'm not going crazy.

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    I was mostly vegan for 3 years before going primal. Age 28-31. Noticed my first gray hairs during that period.

    Now, I'm 32 and have been primal over a year. I SWEAR the grays are disappearing.

    I do supplement magneseum.

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