Just want to let you know that you guys are better off allowing Amazon to do what Amazon does best: distribute/ship products.

I ordered The Primal Blueprint through your website (Christmas gift; my own copy of PB is on my Kindle). Nobody told me that it would take two weeks to get here. Nobody contacted me to confirm my order. Nobody gave me a tracking number so I could know when to be home to receive my book.

I ordered The Primal Blueprint Cookbook through Amazon.com four days later (another Christmas gift). Amazon immediately sent me an e-mail confirmation. They sent another when they shipped my book; it included a tracking number so I'd know when my book was set to arrive. And, my cookbook has already arrived (I'm still waiting for my Primal Blueprint book).

You guys are great at helping others live a Primal lifestyle. You give fantastic information, you back it up with well-explained research. You share fitness tips. You are extremely generous with your knowledge and encouragement. I appreciate all of that, very much.

I would gently recommend that you stick with what you are good at, and leave the other stuff to Amazon.