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    Some plants go through a life-cycle where they change dramatically from one cycle to the next. Take wheat for instance. Wheat starts out as a green grass. If harvested at the right time, it can be considered a green leafy vegetable. Green beans are similar. Green beans are immature beans that have not "gone to seed" yet. Eating the immature bean is not the same as eating the fully mature beans. Peas are mature beans (seeds) and should probably be eaten infrequently in small quantities. (Although I do love pea soup with smoked ham hock).

    As far as what Grok ate, I think it would mostly be small game, rodents, insects, fish, fruit, tubers and the occasional wooly mammoth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musajen View Post
    I never realized peas and green beans were legumes and have been eating them as part of my primal diet. I like 'em and don't see a reason to give them up. It's not like they're a part of my daily intake, just something I throw in on ocassion so I'm not worried about it.

    I agree with you.

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    Side note but if domesticated plants are off the table should domesticated beef be off the table as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by padycustom View Post
    I agree with you.
    OK. One more time for people who didn't bother reading the thread. Peas are a legume because you are eating the pea itself. Green beans are a vegetable because you are primarily eating the pod (same for snow peas, sugar snap peas). Legumes are not Primal, veggies are. That said, I don't think a few legumes are going to kill you. They are less than optimal food but if you enjoy them and are adequately nourished elsewhere, not a big deal. IMO.

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