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    People don't care, why is it hard to get the message across?

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    I have been living primal for 4 months and have lost weight and gotten my blood results under control, etc. Fully believe in paleo nutrition. I must have read over 25 books the last year or so before committing to primal. What bothers me is when I tell people what I am doing they have several disappointing reactions. They think that fat consumption is totally wrong, they refuse to believe grains are not really the best thing to consume and even if they kinda accept the information I give them...I can tell they really could care less about the possibilities of losing weight and improving their health. In short, I would say 90% plus of people out there are either ignorant regarding their health/nutrition and/or do not care. I find this just amazing and puzzling. Now, I just keep my mouth closed as I feel they perceive me as a food zealout/crazy. Frustrating, so many people could help themselves to a better life.
    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
    READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

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    and yes, calories DO count my little piggies

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    Mmmm, I agree, but have found that staying frustrated about what others do or don't do is kinda like hitting your head against a wall. The only person it affects or hurts is yourself.

    I could say the same for child rearing... when I had my kids I read a zillion books on kids, behavior, education. Seriously, like probably over 100 different books with all different viewpoints. Then I'd express my intent to do something (like homeschool) and get people who didn't know squat arguing with my choice. Finally I just stopped having those conversations.
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    I've only ever made changes when I've been open to the idea. I can be stubborn as an ox if I'm not in one of those open-minded windows. You've not wasted your breath sharing what you have, even though you didn't convert anyone on the spot. Changes I've made are usually based on seeds planted many years before.

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    Now you have an answer why the medical industry is so profitable. People won't change their lives because it demands some work. They'd prefer to blame everything on others or on external factors
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    I noticed that people I talk to will only listen if they have some sort of auto-immune disease they are trying to get rid of or if they are wanting to use primal/paleo to lose weight. But if they don't have any auto immune issues and are relatively fit, then they don't really care to hear it. Most people actually just laugh at me and tell me that my heart is a ticking time bomb.

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    there are some cracks in CW showing up lately. people are accepting the "good" fats, although they don't consider saturated fat to be one of them. but even to get the idea across that avocado, coconut, & olive oil are good is so better than it used to be. i saw an article from the "eat this not that" guy that applauded whole fat dairy. you've found the way to health; now you just have to let others do the same. if they won't listen, just let them be. they'll learn from your example hopefully soon!
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    C2H5OH hit the nail on the head. People want what's easy and convenient because there's essentially no real (to them, anyway) price to doing it their way. Getting fat? Oh, it's the natural order of things. Maybe when it gets to be so bad that it's actually acutely threatening I can get insurance to pay for lipo or something. Diabetes? I'll just take the insulin, thanks. People want health, but on their terms, which translates to not really wanting health as much as they want a convenient life.

    I'm going home this christmas, and I'm planning to have a talk with both my parents about primal living. It'll be interesting how they respond to it.

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    haha, Was just watching a commercial for Sierra Mist soda. "made with all natural sugar" I cant even watch TV anymore without getting a little frustrated, I used to love the food network and Food channel. Now I cant stand how every dish has, flour, potatoes, sugar, etc.
    When I first started eating primal/paleo, I told people about it and got lots of weird reactions too. after trying to explain it to some people, the glazed look on their faces told me to just brush it off and let it go. However, Some of them are starting to eat less sugar and bread and I got my mom doing about a 60% buy in on this stuff, so progress is happening. I think Im going to buy a few people some books for xmas and let them figure it out on their own.
    The stuff with Allergies seems to be a good way in to start talking about it with some folks in my experience.

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    I quit talking about being "primal". I used to but people really don't care. Those that do care will ask for your advice once they see the results. Those that don't will only use this as a sticking point to poke fun of you.

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    Remember when people started eating whole grains after years of Wonderbread? Remember when people started using Olive Oil instead of vegetable oil? Change takes time. Just be patient and don't be surprised or upset when people don't go "OH YEAHHHH, DUHH" at the drop of a hat.

    My wife's not necessarily convinced of the science, but she has definitely noted that I'm losing weight.
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