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Thread: Holiday breakfast ideas?

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    Holiday breakfast ideas?

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    This has been my craziest holiday season ever (hence no journal, no posts from me ) with my husband working 14 hour days, weekends and all right now. I've been doing all of the shopping for the kids, his family, and mine, and at the same time, two of my previously homebody children decided to become social butterflies so I've barely had time to breathe these past few weeks.

    Which is all to say, that when Christmas finally arrives, I want to kick back and enjoy it with everyone else, and NOT be in the kitchen all day. I think I have most of the food figured out for Christmas eve dinner, but I need something perfect for Christmas breakfast.

    It needs to be primal, and it needs to feel indulgent. Nothing sweet at all (because kids already get sweets and fruit in their stockings) and maybe something that can be made ahead? I don't really want to be dealing with batches of bacon all morning. Any ideas?

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    We always have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on Christmas morning.

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    You can freeze a quiche before baking it... and while I haven't tried this, if you freeze it in the container you want to cook it in, you can go straight from the freezer to the oven! It just takes a little extra time to bake.

    Most of my quiches are throw-together-random-leftovers type meals, but you can certainly use fancier ingredients to make them more special. This one looks pretty nice: Crustless Quiche with Crab, Swiss, and Chives. I always use cream in mine (or sometimes a mix of cream and sour cream), but if you don't do dairy, you can use coconut milk, or almond milk like that recipe does.
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    You can do an egg bake of some sort (my family does). In a casserole dish, throw in sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes (unless you avoid nightshades--just drop the peppers and tomatoes ), w/ a bunch of eggs and bake until its cooked (like quiche). If you do dairy, top with cheese. You can pre make it and leave it in the fridge covered until you're ready to bake it. Cut into squares and serve. You can do homefries or hash browns on the side for folks who want potatoes or do toast for those who are not primal.

    Hot chocolate was always a holiday favorite for me. You can make a pretty decent hot chocolate out of coconut milk (I thin it a bit) plus cocoa powder plus vanilla extract and a bit of stevia (and/or maple syrup/honey etc). Blend in the blender to make it really smooth then heat. YUM.

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    For me, a bowl of primal granola with fruit and Greek yogurt (no grain, obviously) or noatmeal is a treat because I don't normally eat that psuedo-paleo stuff.
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