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Thread: Overwhelming cravings and lack of motivation

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    I tried doing the whole30, but biffed on beer last weekend. I immediately got back on the ultra-clean diet, but, tonight, am having crazy cravings. Any ideas?

    My other question is about motivation to exercise. I used to run and do yoga multiple times a week. Since stopping exercise for a surgery several months ago, I cannot get up the energy/compulsion to do any exercise. Basically it is a lot of slow movement, and no sprinting or LHT. I simply cannot bring myself to do it.


    Fish oil
    Vitamin D.

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    I end up giving in on the food. Satisfying a craving once a week will still result in substantially lower carb intake. Take a look at what your diet has been and what you can do differently in the future to eliminate it. I've found when I have cravings it's because I didn't eat enough at the last meal or last few meals.

    As for working out.....just do it! Nothing is going to make you want to workout except you. Try tell youself that you are not going to work out, you're just going to put on your workout gear and go stare at a pullup bar or walk around the gym and not touch any equipment. I guaruntee you won't just stand there. I get up at 0500 to work out but I try not to think about having to go workout, I just think about the fact that I am getting up to go to the gym. Just getting there is the hard part. Once you're in the gym you might as well workout.

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    To get over the cravings, it's often helpful to fill up on something deliciously fatty and 0-carb. Think bacon.

    As for working out, agree with yourself to do just the beginning of a workout. 1 set each of the primal movements (from Mark's ebook) or somesuch. You have permission to stop after one set...but you probably won't.
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    I noticed with myself that sometimes cravings are due to a lack of nutrients. Taking a regular multi-vitamin keeps me from getting cravings for the most part.

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    If I slip a bit, I can almost guarantee that I will have more cravings for a few days to a week. I just try to ride them out. Only some of the time do I manage to win. Other times, working out does help so I encourage you to get back on that bandwagon.

    I do a mixture of many types of workouts now, but I had trouble getting over the hump too. (injuries, surgery) Ideas that help me get motivated for exercise... I hope one of them works for you:

    - join any group that you like the style of the workout. there is POWER in a good group that keeps me going back
    - years ago i joined a military-style work out group. the one I've used is called platoon fitness, but I know they are not in Minnesota. If there is one near you, the exercises are very similar to PB. This style group always has better camaraderie than spin classes, yoga classes, aerobics classes, etc. I went for 7 years straight before my (unrelated) injuries. that's the longest I ever stuck with any program. If you are afraid of this style group, don't be. We had all levels of fitness in our group, and nobody was really barking orders at us, just in a fun way.
    - go to personal trainer once a week, but have him/her give you a 10 minute workout for the other days. (this was the one that worked for me when I got over my knee surgery, AND they were the ones who suggested PB to me... Thank you!)
    - try yoga again. I don't think there is much power in my yoga group... in fact, at 6am its almost always deathly quiet amongst the group I see... but, the teacher is awesome and I love the way I feel when I am done (more than with any other workout). Maybe you can find something to love about yoga again.

    Now that I'm done with my nice motivational suggestions, let me paraphrase my old military style trainer:

    "Shut your yap, quit your whining, and go kick some a**!"

    If your response is the same as mine, you should laugh at the trainer first, then go do it!!

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    Quit being such a pussy. You are not eating any of that shit, so quit even looking at it. I don't care if your widdle tummy is grumbling, shut up and quit whining. Eat more protein and fat, you loser. Eat until you are stuffed. Eggs, bacon, ground beef. Just eat.

    Before you get mad, that is just basically what I told myself when I got cravings when I was on Whole30.

    Seriously though, you only have limitations on what you can eat, not really on how much to eat. I had a rough patch a week into mine, and I solved it by having a few days of extreme food intake. Huge amounts of good food until I was really full.

    Give that a shot and see if you can't kill the cravings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    Huge amounts of good food until I was really full.
    I like that suggestion. I may have to try that one next time too.

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    You may also be having an adjustment to winter .. short days, long nights, cold. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    Two ways around it --- snuggle in for the duration, spring will come ... or ... get some bright full-spectrum lights and turn them on in the morning for an hour or two. Apparently they work a lot better in the morning.

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    It could just be some 'sugar tantrums'. Mine kicked in hardcore at the beginning of the 2nd week of my whole30 (during my first try at whole30, which I failed! --I 'cheated' at about the same time, which I think says something.) I'm now 13 days into my new whole30 and not craving anything--esp not (paleofied) sweets or things I would have typically binged on in the past--like dark chocolate or coconut flour muffins. Just eating other real foods, and focusing on something else is what got me through the tougher time when it set in. I'm doing good right now and don't even feel like this is hard anymore. (That's me talking today, who knows what the future holds )

    Good luck sticking to it!

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    Sugar Tantrum.
    it's my new "pet" name.

    dance naked to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. if that doesn't get you going, it is for sure hopeless.
    +1 bacon.
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