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Thread: What causes binges?

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    What causes binges?

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    I am curious about something. I have been primal for about 4 months and haven't had terrible cravings for crap food. I do eat some dark chocolate - usually a square or two a few nights a weeks. I enjoy it, but it is self limiting. I don't usually want more.

    Tonight, I ate an entire dark chocolate bar. I'm not freaked out or feeling guilty or anything, I am just wondering what happens to trigger that. I wasn't hungry, I had eaten lots of fat today, plenty of food. I just couldn't stop thinking about that chocolate bar. It reminds me of when I at high carb, low fat and I would be thinking about what I could eat next, while I was STILL eating!

    Is it emotional, nutritional, physical? It seems to be a common condition in humans. Any thoughts?

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    For me it can be emotional, hormonal or seasonal. Sometimes I think it's because I am lacking in a micronutrient (chocolate=magnesium)
    It makes evolutionary sense to me that we have this ability to binge--handy to have with a feast/famine food environment.

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    I agree with Dragonfly that we are physiologically wired for occasional binges. Unfortunately, while that made sense when food was often scarce, it's not such a marvellous adaptation for our present environment. Good thing we can still survive the occasional, primal binge without disasterous effects.
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