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Thread: Post your fitness milestones & personally significant PRs here!

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    Mar 2010

    Post your fitness milestones & personally significant PRs here!

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    Today I deadlifted, with good form, 225lb (102kg) x5. That's two "big wheels" per side, for the non-lifters.
    Oct 1 I started the dead at 135 lb, first time in my life doing it.

    Immediately after that I nailed Marks PB fitness pushups level 6: uneven pushups (hand on basketball) 15 per side. One year ago I could not do ten standard pushups.

    Brag on!

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    Mar 2010
    I was actually able to hit 135* on a pistol squat on my right leg. My ankle hated me for a week afterward, and my left ankle still refuses to let me go past 120*, but I did it.
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    I am close to having all of my lifts at bodyweight or above *stupid military press*
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    Last night, I set a new best in the squat at 300 (at age 48)
    I tied my best in the military press (125) - a lift I've started doing recently.

    My deadlift is sucking right now after doing 355 a year ago, but I seem stuck at 325 right now.

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    Apr 2010
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    By the end of the year goals:

    3 digit deadlift
    3 proper pushups
    59 lb high step step ups
    21 jackknives without falling on my face :P
    Stats: 5'6" female, 21 years young
    Starting Weight: 187 lbs (March 2010)
    Current Weight: 143 lbs (Oct 2011)
    Goal BF: 20%

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    May 2010
    If I could military press my bodyweight, I'd be amazed lol.

    My milestone was squatting my bodyweight again (last night!) after shattering my knee cap 15 months ago. Didn't know if I'd be able to squat again.

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    Oct 2010
    We have our 1 rep max week coming up next week. It will be the first time I have gone after all my 1 rep maxes since I started back to doing crossfit. I've kinda picked up one here and one there as we go through the lifts but this will be the first time to REALLY get a good handle on where I'm at over all. Then there will be some goal making!

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    Jun 2010
    Manchester, NH
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    my one rep max on lifts:
    squat: 300
    dead: 325
    bench: 225
    OHP: 140

    but a big milestone for me was earlier today when i banged out five handstand push ups, then three, then one and an almost neck injury

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