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Thread: Meal frequency page

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    Meal frequency

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    I'm used to eating smaller portions every few hours, a week ago I started to follow the PB and have kept that same frequency, but have simply changed what I eat to meet PB guidelines. Anyone else taking this approach?

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    I usually have 3 (sometimes 2) meals a day and feel fine. Although this meals are usually pretty big. Also, if I am in a situation to have another meal, I always eat, keeping it primal though.

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    Lunch and dinner.

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    we typically eat 3 meals and one "snack" per day, but we're trying to figure that out. some days, i just eat two meals. i follow my body's hunger.

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    I eat when I'm hungry. I was also used to eating smaller meals and when I tried to eat larger ones less often after going Primal, I didn't feel so great. Now I eat smaller meals and an occasional small snack like a piece of bacon or some coconut manna & I'm cool.

    Finding that I only need to eat 3 meals now after 6 weeks of being Primal. Used to be 4-6!

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    I eat a large meal around lunch time and another 4-6 hours later, depending on how hungry I am and how late it's getting. Sometimes I'm too busy and just skip the second meal.

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    I tend to eat a small breakfast (coffee with heavy cream and maybe a low-sugar Greek Yoghurt), a decent sized dinner/lunch, and then a small "snack"/meal before bed.
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    I generally eat two meals (after the last meal I IF for 16 hours) with one or two snacks in between. Both of the meals are big (900+ calories). However, if I want another meal, then I eat.

    After becoming Primal, my life is much more relax. Before, I bought into the whole "eat every 2-3 hours" dogma. Now, I recognize the health benefits of daily Intermittent Fasting, and only eat when I am hungry.

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    we just eat when we are hungry. it's funny because my kids are growing up without "real" meals. there isn't a lot of formality on the whole food front. we usually end up eating breakfast (a few bites of food over a couple of hours) and that goes into lunch. then dinner is usually a snack of some protein and fat.

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    Before eating primal, I ate 6 times a day simply because I felt hungry 6 times a day.

    Now I also eat when I'm hungry, which equals once a day.

    Totally weird. I simply don't get hungry until dinner time, and even if I do, it's not the compelling type that drives me to look for food.

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