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    protein in coconut flour

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    From what I have learned here it is best to avoid plant-based protein. I frequently use a brand of coconut flour that is very rich in protein (20 g in 100 g). It is tasty and I make grest "porridges" with it. Does anyone know if this is a "benign" source of protein or even acceptable?
    Thank you!

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    I don't remember hearing that plant-based protein is bad, just specific sources of it, like soybeans.

    Coconut is an amazing food. Some people have digestive issues with it, but since you haven't noticed any problems, I say go for it.

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    lots of us use coconut flour around here. so long as it's pure, i wouldn't worry about it.
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    what brand of coconut flour has so much protein? have you checked for an ingredients list?

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    The brand I usually use is Amanprana ( It is 100% organic and natural, nothing at all added. It has 20 g protein, 10 g fat and 4 g carbohydrate. Actually, I think the flour is "waste" from producing the oil. I do not know why it is so high in protein probably because it is so concentrated as the fat has been extracted from it. I just do not know if it is high quality protein. The flour, however, has a very dry texture but from what I know there are only two brands available in German health food stores, the other has around 26 g of carbs in it but as much protein (it is higher in calories that is).

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    There's no need to avoid plant proteins just because. The aim should be to avoid making plant proteins your predominate source of dietary protein intake.

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    All proteins in 'grain" products (which are not Primal anyway) are benign or non-use-able,
    except for soy protein (but soy is bad and also non-Primal).
    So almost all Protein for Primal must come from animal sources,
    to be use-able. Difficult to be vegan and Primal to get sufficient amounts of good protein.
    I haven't yet determined from research if Protein in Coconut flour is use-able ?

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    In unprocessed coconut, the protein is benign. The fat is the healthiest part of the coconut. I would find a different brand. Relying on plant protein as a major source of protein in your diet may be what you were warned against.

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