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    Dark Chocolate-How much do you eat?

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    I occasionally buy Green and Black Organic Dar Chocolate Bars (70% and 85%) and eat half the bar (I have to use self control or else I eat the whole thing). Very good!

    How often do eat Dark Chocolate? And how much? Anyone here have ate the whole bar?

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    I eat 20 gms of 70% chocolate a day. I prefer Paul Newman's to Green & Black's. I get the smaller bars and eat 1/3 of one a day.

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    I can easily take down 1/3 of a bar of Green & Black's 85%. I can eat even more when my hormones are raging. But, I usually don't feel so hot afterward. I'm currently trying to limit myself to 1-2 squares a day, which should satisfy my cocoa love without setting my health goals back too much.
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    Up to 3 squares (30g) of Lindt 90% Dark chocolate a day. I don't even consider it part of my 20%, since I accept most of the ingredients in my version of Primal

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    1-2 squares most days. Occasionally none. Occasionally 1/3 bar.

    I always have several different types open at one time, varying from 70% to 100%. Still incredulous that I can have chocolate lying around without bingeing on it!

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    Dark chocolate is so rich (to me) that I can't eat a whole bar. Well, I CAN but that last bite won't be nearly as enjoyable as the first few. I keep a variety in the fridge and we usually have one or two open at any given point. I usually break off a section or two of a bar for a snack or dessert. Occasionally I'll eat a 1/2 or 1/3 of a bar. Usually it's a nibble here or there. Before I truly kicked the sugar habit, I ate too much dark chocolate...mostly pre-menstrually.
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    I will have 1-2 squares of Ghirardelli dark chocolate per day. Ranges from 60%-86% (it's an assortment of dark chocolate squares). Mmmm....makes me want some right now!

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    I eat a square or two most days, just enough to satisfy me. I can't eat more than 3 squares a day of the dark stuff though.

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    A few squares once a week/month or so.
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    Maybe a bar a month (all at once).
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