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    I can't keep my paws out of it if I have it in the house.
    Which is all the more ridiculous if you consider that I don't even like chocolate.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    Same here... None. I won eat any chocolate. What i do is i ocassionaly crunch on some raw cacao nibs i get from WF.

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    I have several bars in my house, but very rarely "crave" sweets....which is why I can also have 2 gallon ziploc bags full of the crappy candy in the pantry (leftover from Halloween) and it not bother me...

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    usually just one square of 85% lindt every other day or so. i tried to move up to the 90% lindt, but it was a bit tasteless to me. i love to dunk it in some good hot coffee in the afternoons - i'm a teen librarian, & sometimes those teens just drive me to my chocolate.
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    Eating a whole bar of 85% Green and Black in one sitting is something I do 3-4 days per week guilt free. Makes me feel good and no negative affects to mood so far.

    I've cut down on the consumption amount lately due to experimenting with ketosis.

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    2-3 squares of Green and Black 70% a day, usually right after each of my two meals. It's an awesome dessert and doesn't make me carb binge!

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    I've been doing a square or two of Lindt 85% or about the same amount of Green & Blacks most days. I'm amazed at how satisfying that little bit can be, it really keeps my sweet tooth in check.
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    Way, way too much. I eat 4 or 5 bars a week. Recently discovered that Lindt 90% is my fav.

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    It takes me about a week to eat a bar of 85%, either Green & Blacks or Blackout. I also have some of the 88% Endangered Species squares and I have about 2 of those a week. I also add cocoa powder to my smoothies or coffee now and then.

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    I can't really keep it in my house... I tend to get the munchies and then it's suddenly all gone. Lindt 85% is easily downed.

    Perhaps I'll get it back into my diet once I get a little better control.

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