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Thread: WTF, Over

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    Its too late, dude. She is already mad at you and will be no matter what you say or do now. Might as well fast while she eats the meal in front of you at her favorite restuarant. Tell her fasting is your punishment.

    My wife thinks i am crazy doing this stuff too. Lucky for me, she loves my grilling skills, so I can get away eating primally most nights.

    I have learned that I do have to eat whatever she cooks or I am in for it. I just eat very small portions. I just try to eat primally whenever I can, and know that a good relationship with her is more important than a meal or two that she cooks that isn't primal. She is slowing getting the drift of what i want to eat and has changed some meal choices for our family.

    I think she is just floored that I eat well now and am in such good shape after 5 years of me being very unhealthy and sporting a spare tire.

    Eat the cake.

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    @worthc -- "Tell her fasting is your punishment" that's a good one!

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    Another female perspective:

    Humbly and genuinely apologize for not understanding, initially, how important it is for her to enjoy her birthday meal. (She may be reacting to her own feelings of guilt for wanting to eat what she knows is junk, but I'd leave that suggestion out of the conversation!) Let her know that having a great celebration with her is your top priority, and what the hell, you'll go back to eating primal tomorrow.

    Seriously, don't let this delay or destroy your "primal month." I'm an in-with-both-feet type of person, too, so I understand the compulsion to go 100%...but you gotta be a realist and let other things take priority on occasion.

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    If she's insisting that you eat exactly what she's eating, then that's a whole 'nuther thing.

    You guys need to compromise: You'll take her to whatever restaurant she wants, but NEITHER of you is allowed to nag the other about food choices AT ALL. If that's not possible, then the problem runs deeper than not agreeing about nutrition.

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    I think that "sharing" (food and else) can be important for her at a special date like this. I think if you do it for one meal, that would not have any significant consequence for your primal month. You can even present it as a gift to her, to reduce the steam on her side (if she is really vexed by the last discussion). When at home, I cook for myself and the family (and for myself when its my wife's time, but in general she tries to keep a primal component in the menu for me). The family continues to eat carbs, but it is easy to cook a primal dinner and complete it with some potatoes, rice or pasta.

    I, candidly, do not think that skipping one primal dinner is a big enough deal in comparison with her hurt feelings.

    Good luck for reviving the romance!

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