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Thread: Tell Me More About Genetic Testing

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    Tell Me More About Genetic Testing

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    Dear Mark,

    I'd like for you to address the idea of Genetic testing for different body types, and how that may impact use and success of the Primal Blueprint lifestyle.

    I know in your book and in some of your other material, you address SNPs. Also, you talk briefly about Grok's diet/lifestyle at different latitudes or regions of the globe.

    However, it seems that these merely hint that the Primal Blueprint cannot be assumed to be a one-size-fits-all formula. And if that's the case, why not more thoroughly address the possibility that different body types, different races, different world origins may in fact systematically alter one's PB approach?

    For example, a genetics test can distinguish whether a person's body type inclines them to be more or less susceptible to the insulin-resistance resulting from a carbohydrate diet. In addition, a genetics test can show whether a person's body type will respond better to a high-metabolism activity profile (e.g., high-intensity intervals, plyometrics), or a moderate-metabolism activity profile (e.g., low- to mid-range intensity for long endurances).

    Is it worthwhile to address these systemic differences, or does that take the Primal Blueprint examination down to a level of granularity that is not needed in order to be effective?


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    There is an expression in Spanish----"buscando la quinta pata del gato". Literally that is "looking for the fifth leg of a cat".

    I was told that pretty often by a professor and mentor of mine. The point is that you are looking for something that isn't there or doesn't matter. Now I am not trying to disparage deeper investigation and study, but experience has shown me that sometimes it is best to act and take further studies as they come.

    My advice is to do the PB bit as it can be done for where you are and at the best of your capability. While the good things are working for you, continue research if you wish.
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    The Bloodtype diet and the Genotype diet in particular, are based on such "epigentics" can google them. I use a blend of that and primal. meaning I dont eat grain....

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