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    Shampoo & soap

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    So I've heard that many in the primal/paleo movement are advocating doing without shampoo and just washing hair with plain old water. I hadn't considered that daily shampoonig, and even soap could have negative long term consequences. I grew up swimming competitively, and I was always trying to wash the chlorine out, so daily shampoo or even twice daily was totally normal.

    What about soap? Is it really that bad? Without it, are we not setting ourselves up for the stink?

    What does everyone here do?

    I happen to love the smell of shampoo and if I didn't use it I would think my hair was stinky!
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    i haven't used shampoo in 7-8 months...but i shave my head. but it's also been a good 3 or 4 months since i've used either soap or deodorant. i'll get a little BO if i'm sweating, but generally just using water to wash (and shave...i no longer use shaving cream) seems to do just fine. my wife didn't know that i had stopped using soap actually...she just found out and was completely surprised.

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    I have waist length thick, fine hair. I haven't used shampoo in a couple months now. I use baking soda and cider vinegar is my hair starts getting greasy.
    I scrub my body with water and exfolitating gloves in the shower and use glycerin soap on the pits and female regions. My body seems to prefer that to full body soap use, my dry skin is coming back to normal and everything.
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    I make my own soap and lotion. This way i avoid the chemicals that come with regular soap/detergent and the like. That said I only wash my hair ( waist length very thick corse ) with the soap once or twice a week and i always rinse with ACV. I don't use deodorant. My hair s soft and i don't stink... at least i don't think i do

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    i've been going soap free for a long time, i just found it dried or irritated my skin. and i'm trying the shampoo free process. problem being, i get through a week where it is looking good, and then i end up washing it again for some reason (this past week, because i got my hair cut). i'm not sure what i want to do. i usually only wash it twice a week or so anyway (every third day really), so and i use a natural soap for it. and i liked using ACV (but my husband couldn't stand the smell of it in the bathroom), so, i'm in a toss up.

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    I am a water only user on hair and body too, and have been for many months. my hair is about half-way down my back, I exfoliate regularly, and I do periodically moisturize with coconut oil or pure jojoba oil. No deodorant here either, although I will hit the pits with a salt crystal if I am know I will be in a situation that may need it.
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    I don't use any soap or shampoo or deodorant. I think I smell alright, no one complains (to my face!). I use coconut oil on my face regularly because I get so dry anf flakey:O and olive oil as shaving lube.

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    yeah, the chemicals in most of the soap these days is just as bad for our bodies as the crap they put in our food. i'm still using soap, but definitely watching what i use. this list ( has the worst offenders; avoid them like the plague!

    i use: baking soda & peroxide for my teeth, locally made natural soap, jojoba oil for my face, & coconut oil for my body. never been better!
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    I'm currently have a foam pump with one part herbal organic shampoo to 10 parts water that I wash my hair with once a week. The other days I just rinse it. I would like to try the baking soda method.
    I have another foam pumper with one part Dr Bronners and about 10 parts water with I use on just pits and privates. I use coconut oil for lotion and deodorant.
    I also make my own soap, but I dont use it very often. A bar lasts me a really long time.
    My skin and hair are generally so dry, I don't like using cleansers and often just go with water.

    The no deodorant thing isn't quite working for me though. I have a powder mix of baking soda and cornstarch I puff on after applying coconut oil, and I can't tell if I smell like b.o. Or old coconut.

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    After going out for breakfast, the family and I took a walk through my local downtown area (it is small and somewhat quaint). There is a new all natural homemade soap place ( I am hoping to check it out before the holidays and do shopping for my co-workers. They have all natural soaps and aluminum free deodorants.


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