so, in reading the other thread about women, body hair, and society, i got curious about brazilian waxes. i learned about the sphinx, which is total hair removal, and that's something that has interested me for a *very long time*.

but, whenever i would get a basic bikini wax, i would get red bumps and ingrown hair and no one could tell me how to prevent that. so, i just gave up and decided to keep myself trimmed in a way that made me feel good, but made bathing suits hard to find. LOL

fast forward to yesterday, when i was looking at my 20% BF self, and nothing that in another week, i could easily be 19 or 18 even, and thinking that a bikini would be nice, rather than my racing suits. lol and so i start looking for bikinis, and the ones i like would require some hair removal.

with the wonders of the "internet" or "world wide web," i learned a fair bit about it. i really would like to give it a go, assuming that i can, in fact, avoid the horrible experience that is ingrown hairs.

so, tea tree oil and loofa in the daily cleaning to prevent rash and ingrown hairs. do they mean loofah-loofah as in the dried plant? or do they mean "loofah" as in the plastic poufs? or can i use just about anything such as a wash cloth or soft-bristled, natural brush?

coconut oil, i assume, would not go amiss either.

i don't want to over do it, but i do have a bit of spare cash right now (i bargain hunted my christmas list), and i thought i could use what i have (i'd have to get a tea tree oil moisturizer--any particular brands that any of you use?), and i have a wash cloth that i can use, so no worries there.

and of course, avoid pools, saunas, exercise, and "activities" for 24-28 hours.

any tips? anything i should ask the salons to make sure that they are quality? i don't know many women here, and i don't know whom i would feel ok asking "do you get a brazilian? if so, where?" it's a bit *too* brash considering the new nature of our relationships here. LOL but i can ask online, of course.