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Thread: Probiotic Coconut Drink Thing

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    Probiotic Coconut Drink Thing

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    'Kevita,' packaged to mimic Kombucha bottles it seems, ROCKS!!!!!!! A LOOOOOOOT!!!

    Its delicious and fizzy and probiotic... I mean it is awesome. Its got 6 gm carbohydrates per bottle and the 'coconut' one uses stevia. Anyone else tried this? I found it at Whole Foods today in the fridge beside the kombucha.


    Their website seems to be behind their production, as the coconut one, as I mentioned, does not contain cane sugar and they had at least 6 different flavors out as far as I could see. Anyway, just a fun thing. A fun, fizzy thing.
    Little Saiyan

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    Looks interesting; thanks for posting this! :]

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