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Thread: Personal Hygiene Products?

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    I have been looking on MDA for a post about what people use for their personal hygiene. I have found recipes for home made cleaning products and how the use of hand sanitizer is needless but nothing on this. I'm guessing Grok didn't hit the shower after hunting and running around the wilderness all day, but for me, working with people, not to mention my wife, I don't think a quick dip in the stream out back would cut it.

    SO what do you people use for shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving and teeth brushing? I am just curious. Deodorants have parabens in them, shampoo and soap have sodium lauryl sulfate and a whole host of other chemicals that can't be good on the outside of your body let alone inhaling it along with your hot shower.

    I personally use home made soap made by a local lady which I buy at the farmers market, oil for shaving the face and head, and ammonium alum for deodorant, and if I do need some stuff from a company I generally use Burts Bees ( I don't work for them, don't suggest you use their product, nor do I know anybody who does work for them).

    What about everybody else?


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    I have some wonderful goat milk soap I buy from a goat farmer in the area. I use it to shave with also. I don't use conditioner. Shampoo I still use Aussie brand just because I like it, and I haven't found anything to replace it with. Deodorant, the same. I just bought some mineral makeup, which is wonderful.

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    Deodorant: ALBA organics lavender and lichen

    Shampoo: JR Ligetts shampoo bar

    Conditioner: I just but whatever from the health food store.

    Body wash: Dove right now, but sometimes Toms

    Lotion: coco oil

    Toothpaste: Toms or my homemade stuff:

    Makeup: Smokey Mountain Minerals and Bare minerals... and MAC.

    Chapstick: ALBA coconut flavor

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    I feel terribly unsophisticated.

    Deodorant: Mitchum

    Soap: Irish spring

    Shampoo: Fructis

    toothpaste: Colgate

    I shave in the shower using my shampoo

    Aftershave: usually regular alcohol. Sometimes Polo Black.

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    I use

    Aveda, Neals Yard, Organix shampoo, regular toothpaste and I love trying out new organic products when they come out. I also use lots of essential oils to moisturize.

    Neals Yard do a wonderful deodorant but be warned, it is not for heavy duty sweating!


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    Deoderant: None (dab armpits with a cloth to soak up some of the sweat)

    Soap: Baking Soda

    Shampoo and Conditioner: Baking Soda

    Face and Body Moisturizer: 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

    Toothpaste: Baking Soda

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    I have VERY THICK, ABUNDANT hair and have yet to find an organic conditioner that makes it manageable, anyone got any tips please?

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    Huge fan of Dr. Bronner's products.

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    I use organic sulfate, paraben and petroluem free products for all my beauty needs - for foundation, mascara and lipgloss Zuii Organics, David Babaii shampoo and conditioner which is also cruelty free and supports Wildaid and it is good for thick hair and Dr Bronner soap and a herbal toothpaste and aluminium free deodordant called Sukin.

    I also use a lot of coconut oil as it has a million uses including taking make up off, shaving legs and is the best moisturizer and hair treatment and I have also recently discovered a brand from NZ called Xtendlife and the products I have used so far have been brilliant (also the company has the same philosophy as MDA).

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    I use as natural products as I can.

    Almay gel deodorant, Body Shop shampoo and conditioner, but I am really trying to find something without SLS that works with my hair type, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, natural French soap for face and body, and Bare minerals make-up. Pretty simple.

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