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Thread: Atkins Diet vs Eco-Atkins new study

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    Och piffle. I know you're not allowed to go around saying "this is nonsense, now let me find out why it's nonsense", but "this is nonsense".

    Since this is a long term (26 year) study, what can we tell about the participants? Well I would guess that the veggies were more health-conscious and therefore avoided things like soda, smoking and did a bit of exercise, ate a bit of fish; and the meat eaters were less health conscious. I know it's not an original insight, but it could be true in this case, no?

    I'm guessing if we could get the full text we may be able to tease out the odd raggedy gaping hole in the study.

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    I've got a copy of the full article. Looks like they were trolling the Nurses and Health Professionals studies for data. I don't have time to read the entire thing, if anyone wants to take a whack at it, PM me your e-mail.

    A few quickies from a 30 second skim:
    Data based on dietary recall questionnaires, for both studies these were gathered from participants not more than yearly, some of them several years apart. Don't know about you, but I have trouble remembering what I ate yesterday little less a year from now.

    Low carb deciles, lowest seems to be an average of 37.2% carbs - not what I'd call low carb.

    Overall lowcarb, animal LC, and plant LC: the lower the carbs consumed the lower the incidence of CHD.

    Yes, the plant LC folks did show a lower all cause mortality. For women, 10th decile: Animal - 1328, plant - 1122. For how long this study was and the number of "participants", not a huge gap.

    This "study" wasn't specific to the LC diet, it was just a data troll to get publishing credit.

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    Here is an excellent link to a very thourough article examining the flaws in the study you have mentioned:
    This lady has already written an analysis of the China study and its flaws; this lady really does a great job!

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