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    Non-food "treats" or "rewards?"

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    This is coming out of another thread, as someone suggested it would be good as it's own thread.

    as some posters pointed out, when we succeed at something, or what have you, we often treat ourselves with food (and usually junk foods). so, this brings up, since treats are still nice, what sorts of treats to you give yourself as rewards?

    we tend to treat ourselves with time. time for yoga classes, massages, retreats, or special events that we want to attend. when clients of mine do 18 lessons in 6 weeks (private lessons), they get a free massage!

    what do you do?

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    Long, hot, scented bath
    Curling up with a novel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
    Curling up with a novel.
    But in a more manly way of course, maybe in a reading room with a nice silk smoking jacket, fez and pipe....probably a nice scotch thrown in for good measure

    Sometimes I will allow myself time for a nap too.
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    i set aside some time for a good, long, solo hike. or i'll reward myself with some new gear. whatever the reward, it seems to perpetuate being primal.

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    I like to reward myself with things that make me feel pretty. I'll buy some yummy new soap, some nicer makeup, body oil. Or I'll take some time to give myself a mini-pedicure, I'd love to have the money to actually go out and get a pedicure or a professional facial. That would be a real treat indeed!

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    I reward myself for my good wellness choices by getting pedicures (my feet are a little too primal in their natural state), buying a new item of clothing especially when the old ones are hanging loose, and buying healthy expensive food that I otherwise would think was too pricey.

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    I reward myself by buying myself gifts. There's a really great consignment shop in town that carries gorgeous clothes. I can spend $40 and come out with new jackets, tops, pants. I'm not fond of people I don't know touching me so manis/pedis/massages have never enticed me. I do yoga at home as a weekly workout so that's not a real treat but sometimes I take extra time and go for a long walk which gives me an excuse to listen to my favorite podcasts.

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    My husband and I just talked about our next 30 days (we're going to walk every day for a minimum of 15 minutes- certainly shoot for more but that's our minimum. Definitely doable!). We decided our weekly reward will be to save the money we would have used on food treats ($5-$10 each, we haven't decided the amount yet). At the end of the 30 days we'll have $40-$80 that we use to buy something we'll enjoy together or split it and buy each other gifts. Or we'll save it for the big weekend getaway for when my jacket fits.

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