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Thread: 10 Ways to Eat Healthily at the Steak House

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    10 Ways to Eat Healthily at the Steak House

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    I give them a 1.5 out of 10. 1 for the grass-fed observation, and 0.5 for noting the danger of a fattier steak, assuming it's corn-fed and full of antibiotics (though that's of course not what they're going for...).

    Heck, -20 out of 10 for the rest of the junk in the article.

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    Haha, I always enjoy reading diet advice men's health and ivillage.
    The other day I stumbled upon one of these inane '10 super diet tips' or something to that effect, and most of the tips had to do with portion size. Pretty much all the examples had to do with pasta, e.g. 'a serving of spaghetti should be the diameter of a nickel when measured dry'. I didn't know people ate pasta a lot on a CW diet. They didn't even say whole-wheat pasta. ;o

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    I kind of like to lurk around stuff like this. Sometimes I read WeightWatchers forums and laugh at all the people who think nonfat chocolate milk is healthier than normal whole milk. Or these articles- they drive me nuts but I kind of enjoy reading them.

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