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Thread: Anyone "pump tracking" for their sprints?

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    I just did my first pump track laps tonight. What a blast; I had no idea that this even existed. I got a full body sprint, both my arms and quads were quivering once I was done with my few laps.

    A friend/acquaintance of mine built the track in his back yard. He is quite hospitable with it and hopes to get a race night going. I am going to try to get a regular time to go in and whip out laps for my sprints.

    Anyone else out in PB land doing it or trying it? I would love any insight into it.

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    What is a pump track?

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    never did it. It's a form of mt biking where you basically "pump" your way around a "BMX-like" track using the hills and valleys to maintain your momentum. The objective is to race around the track without pedaling. It is kinda like swinging on a bicycle, you use you muscles to negate and accentuate gravity at the right times to accelerate you through the peaks and valleys.

    I can't remember where, but I once saw a bicycle with an eccentric wheel for pumping on flat ground.

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    I would think making a track is one heck of a workout too.

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