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Thread: Is the "bad stuff" of dairy (hormones) accumulated in the fatty part?

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    Is the "bad stuff" of dairy (hormones) accumulated in the fatty part?

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    I hope that I am not becoming annoying for putting so many questions! I hope very much that I will be able to contribute my share to the discussions once I have followed the primal lifestyle a bit longer!
    My concern with milk is the amount of igf (insulin-like growth hormone) that dairy, organic or not, naturally contains and that seems to be related to some cancers (breast, ovarian, prostate)or at least cancer growth. I didn`t find any information on the web if it is a fat or water soluble hormone. I fear that, if it is fat soluble, it is very concentrated in cream and butter or fatty cheese which I all have daily in varying amounts. I just don`t know if it is the case. It can also be more present in the watery part (whey) but I have no clue...
    Does anyone know??
    Thank you!

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    According to wikipedia it's a peptide which are smaller relatives of proteins. They are water-soluble or solids.

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