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Thread: Mainlining Health: Shat's Journal

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    Mainlining Health: Shat's Journal

    Hello fellow primals. I have been lurking around these parts for a couple of weeks and decided to start a journal to chart my progress. My goals are to increase my energy levels and decrease my autoimmune symptoms. "Looking good naked" would be an added bonus or at least walking around the beach in a decent swimsuit I'm the 45 year old mom of a 7 year old, so the energy is important. I'm also married to a marathon runner which isn't easy when I'm as out of shape as I am now due mostly to a very stressful situation I went through a few years back that just beat me down. Of course, those carbs were ever so comforting:/

    For years I thought I was making good, healthy choices by listening to every health tip the mainstream media spewed with forked tongue. Lots of whole grains, soy, low fat, with a protein "garnish" made me tired, fat, and sick. I got in great shape by reading Mercola and following the Fat Flush program by Ann Louise Gittleman. The only problem is that it wasn't sustainable for me due to two little fat (I'm now figuring out) and too much structure. I wandered into MDA by way of the Healthy Skeptic Blog and I think this is going to be a total game changer for me. In less than three weeks, starting the week before Thanksgiving!, I have gained energy and lost pain from fibro and Sjogren's.

    Sometime ago, I swore off of the scale, with the realization that I did not want to let a number rule my life. I have been much happier without weighing, but still overweight obviously. I think the Primal Blueprint is the perfect fit for me because my favorite exercise is walking and hiking. I don't mind the occasional sprint and lifting heavy things will work for me now that I have permission not to do so compulsively In these few short weeks, I have clearly lost weight and even have a little more tummy definition. There's no freaking way I want to be the tired, fat couch potato in my family compared to my active, energetic, lean husband and daughter. I think the Primal Blueprint is my blueprint for the life I've always wanted to live. I also think I can lure my husband and daughter down this path with bacon!
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