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Thread: Lab results for horomones, thyroid, and adrenals + prescriptions ???

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    Lab results for horomones, thyroid, and adrenals + prescriptions ???

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    I got my labs back for everything. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis, by adrenals are low, and my hormones are all low. I met with the Dr. yesterday and she put my on progesterone, estrogen, and Armour for thyroid. She also recommended a bunch of vitamins. I started everything last night. Today I have a major headache. I had one last night too. Do you think this is from the prescriptions or just random?

    I am also a bit concerned about taking hormones and got the book by Dr. Kharrazian yesterday. I just skimmed a bit last night, but I got the impression he DOESN"T agree with hormone supplements/prescriptions. I don't want to end up worse than I started. I would love some feedback from those that have experience with this.


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    I only have experience with the thyroid/adrenals really. I mean my other hormones were off too, but as my thyroid and adrenals got better and I starting eating Primal, my other hormones seem to be coming back into line.

    The armour sounds good. What kinds of vitamins are you on? Some hints... don't take other vitamins when you take your armour, they can conflict. Also don't have dairy within an hour of your thyroid meds. I'll try to remember some of the other stuff...

    What are you doing for your adrenals?

    Keep in mind that there will be some trial and error... you'll have to adjust meds occasionally and see what is and isn't working. So keeping track of your symptoms and how they feel will help.
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    I take my thyroid meds in the morning along the vit D and my suppliments in the evening either with dinner or just before going to bed (be sure to have some form of fat with them so that they will absorb properly) this seems to work for me.
    you may have to experiment. give it a few more days and see if the headaches remain. If they do then maybey just take the armour for a few days and gradualy work the other things back in one at a time, that way you may be able to figure out what is giving you the headache and can adjust form there...

    Also keep in mind that the progesterone and the thyroid meds need some time to build in your body before you see the full results ( i have no idea with the estrogen ).

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    I've read that starting estrogen and/or progesterone can cause headaches and that this sometimes resolves itself. If not, your dose/s may be too high. (I got instant migraine when I started taking estrogen a couple of years back but when I cut the dose in half, no migraine.)

    What form of estrogen and progesterone did you receive? Is it bio-identical or is it synthetic Rx? What is the mode of delivery?
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    She has me on Armour 60mg. She did say to take it alone first thing in the morning and not to eat till at least 30 minutes after taking. Thanks for the dairy tip.

    Vitamins are Thorne brand:
    Vit C 2000mg
    MultiVit. Extra Nutrients
    Selenium 200mcg
    DHEA 25 mg

    I am also taking D3 5000 UI and a Chinese Herbal for Women
    I believe the DHEA and B vitamins are the two main things for the adrenals. She also recommended a high protein diet and no gluten. Both things that I have been doing for quite a while. The gluten I let back in as a "cheat" and need to get serious about no cheats.

    I have started keeping a notebook to include eating, what I did during the day, how I feel, etc.

    She wants to see me back in a month or two. So I am sure she will re-evaluate things then.

    Thanks for the help Minxxa.

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    I have always heard you should wait an hour before eating after taking thyroid meds. Along with dairy, any iron supplementation should be 4 hours apart from thyroid meds and 4 hours away from calcium.

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    Canarygirl- The estrogen is bio-identical cream and only .5 ml twice a day. The progesterone is 110mg caps It doesn't say bio-identical so I am guessing it isn't. I am taking it at bedtime as she prescribed one that would help me sleep.

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    The progesterone is 110mg caps It doesn't say bio-identical so I am guessing it isn't. I am taking it at bedtime as she prescribed one that would help me sleep.
    Not a good idea to take unless bio-identical--also less stress on your liver if you use a transdermal cream (like Pro-gest) or a vaginal suppository. You also need a larger amount orally to get the equivalent dose as transdermal.

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    I'm not sure why she did one in a cream and not both. I will ask when I go back in.

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    No headache today. Yay!!!

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