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Thread: Heavy Drinking and PB

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    Heavy Drinking and PB

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    Any drinkers out there? Reading quite a few posts out there and everyone is a saint.
    Any PBer's out there who like to drink? I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine when i get home from work. Another glass of wine while cooking the steak on the barbecue. Then I exercise for 1 hour then finally at the end of the evening 2 more glasses of wine every single day of the year

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    Sep 2010
    sydney australia, kiwi originally
    im a bit more sporadic than that but yeah, i cant give away my red wine completely
    and its unmanly to BBQ absent beer ...

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    I don't drink myself but for completely different reasons but I see a lot of people on here who use there 20% in alcohol. Check out this thread I was reading earlier. This should make you feel quite at home!
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    Drinking as I type

    Grok fermented grapes into Pinot Noir, right?

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    Sydney, Australia
    hell yeah
    I have switched from white/champers to red, to honour PB
    I have cut down a lot and gone thru periods of abstinence, but that's just not realistic in the silly season
    My intention is to go alcohol free for at least a month in the new year

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    I don't consider myself a heavy drinker but I probably drink more than a lot of people who post on here (at least one drink 3-4 days/week). I ran out of red wine last week so it's been a few days though lol... need to get some more.
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    not really, but i do enjoy ouzo in iced tea once in a while. i've never found a wine that i enjoy, and few beers please my palate.

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    I like a drink and cutting it down has been much harder for me than giving up croissants and jam. A couple glasses minimum had been my nightly habit for a very long time, now I make sure to have a couple days each week with no booze, and others with just one drink only. Honestly the only thing that I wonder about with whole30 is giving up the drink, the rest of it sounds like nothing at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    Honestly the only thing that I wonder about with whole30 is giving up the drink, the rest of it sounds like nothing at this point.
    Same thing here, but I am only a few days away from getting done with it, I mean hell it's only 30 days of doing *as someone on Bane's journal said* willpower deadlifts.
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    I have cut back, a lot. Used to be a few beers or gin and tonic after work, most days of the week. Now it is one night a week, or less, that I'll have a drink. Usually beer and (gasp!!!) a cigar. I have stopped doing a lot of things in my new lifestyle but the occasional beer and cigar is just something I enjoy too much to give up. I got to have a couple of vices left.
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