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Thread: Ideas for Paleo-related education?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aktres View Post
    Grizz, I hate to encourage conspiracy theories, but this article is a must-read:
    That is a great article. The Drug Companies MAKE ME SICK ! So does the AMA & ADA !

    The best thing we can do for ourselves is the Paleo Diet, 10,000 IU Vitamin D3, and multi-vitamins.
    Plenty of rest, exercise and stay Healthy to avoid the medical/drug cartels.


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    Not sure if anyone has linked to this one:

    Atlantic Magazine: Lies and Medical Science

    And this is particularly clarifying:

    Modern Medicine is Killing You

    No, it may not be a "conscious" conspiracy, but the system is so broken that the result is the same as if it really were the Great Medical Conspiracy. A growing number of doctors see through it. And medical students, thank goodness. Many medical schools around the country (my fiance's included) now have student chapters of the American Medical Students Assoc. Pharm-Free:

    "Thanks in part to its medical students in Sacramento, UC Davis Health System has now established tough new guidelines that will ban employees and students from accepting free drug samples, food, beverages, pens, notepads and other marketing items. It also bans sales representatives from serving in preceptorships at the health system. Preceptor-ships allow drug company employees, for a fee, to accompany doctors during patient visits, providing the opportunity for the representatives to deepen their relationships with physicians.

    The new rules at UC Davis are aimed at reducing the influence drug marketing can have on current and future physicians and other medical staff.

    Ann Madden Rice, chief executive of UC Davis Medical Center, credits the medical students for developing the new guidelines, which go into effect July 1 throughout the health system."

    This is happening all across the country. Keep the hope!

    Also, you can always contact Loren Cordain at Colorado State to see if he has any research needs. Here is a thread about a Paleo study one of his grad students is putting together, and they are looking for volunteers for the research:

    Cordain Research Thread

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    Does anyone else think that stronger forces for change come from 'the bottom up'?

    Dr to patient: "I'm a little worried about your high cholesterol, so take this statin and everything'll be fine."
    Patient to Dr: "No, thank you. I've done the research and know that statins have no proven benefits for people of my age/ sex/ history. Also, were my LDL levels actually measured, or just calculated?"

    Multiply that a few times, and there will be a whole lot less market demand for easily-buried trials performed on people whose consent is scandalously uninformed. To say nothing of all the people who will just not be showing up in the doctor's office in the first place, because they heard from their aunt who heard from her friend who heard from her brother who'd met someone at work who lost the weight and got healthy doing this 'Primal' thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by goneprimal
    The goal being to eventually help affect change in conventional discovering, compiling, and demonstrating the merits of paleo principles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    What I have learned over the past 6 months is totally shocking. There is clearly a conspiracy between government & and the drug/medical professions to make sure people fill hospital beds, fill waiting rooms, and remain sickly. There can be no other conclusion. If the entire population simply took enough vitamin D for optimum 25(OH)D Blood Level of 60-70 ng/ml, major population groups would become healthy. In addition, if everyone went on a Paleo diet, a majority of diabetes & health problems would vanish.

    You will be fighting against City Hall, and this is a losing proposition. The food & drug companies, the AMA & ADA will be fighting against you. A healthy public does not make any money for these groups, and this is all about money. Public Health be damned. Just look at cigarettes, and how little has been done to stop smoking. Governments need those tobacco tax revenues so little is done to stop smoking.

    You will also be fighting against the biggest propaganda machine in history: The Big Food Companies. Our population is brain washed and addicted to unhealthy products. People just won't believe us when we tell them that bread, soda pop, and munchies are unhealthy. Prime example is "Heart Healthy" Oatmeal. Another prime example is the American Diabetes Assn telling their sicko clients to eat from the standard food pyramid (loaded with carbs), which we all know is the WORST possible diet for a diabetic ! Who are WE to argue against a diabetes doctor?

    We are a fringe group of NUT JOBS according to the major media, who depend on advertising dollars. Welcome to the fight. I'm not giving up the fight and I hope you don't either. We need every person to help spread the gospel on Vitamin D and the Paleo Diet.

    I was going to answer your question the same way Grizz has but without all those freakin words.
    Get into politics. That's the only way you will influence conventional wisdom. People don't look at science, they look to their government to tell them what they need to do. Which is retarded, but I digress.

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