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Thread: Has anyone heard of the supplement Juice Plus+?

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    I've been taking it a little over a year now, via recommendation from my mom. It's basically fruit and vegetable powder in capsules derived from organic and vine ripened produce, so they say.

    Here is a link to the website:

    There is a lot of skepticism on the internet about the validity of the claims and the research done to support those claims. They claim that it has analogous effects to those of fruits/veggies, such as reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. The company seems well intentioned and stresses the importance of clinical research, and from what I can tell many of the studies done are compelling.

    I've come to trust this community highly, so I'm curious if anyone on this forum knows about it and has anything to say about it. Thanks!

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    I've been taking JP+ for about 5 years and have noticed some definite benefits, such as elimination of seasonal allergies and dramatically reduced arthritis in my feet (bunions).

    The company is one of the few that can back up the effectiveness and bioavailability of its actual product (not merely the ingredients in the product) with a large stack of independent, double-blind, peer-reviewed research.

    They dehydrate the produce in a temperature controlled process to preserve nutrients while removing water and -- of greatest interest to us primals -- sugar. Also, I believe they grow much of their own produce because they couldn't get enough of all the different types of fruits and veggies organically any other way.

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