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Thread: Cutting dairy from a 2 1/2 year old child.

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    Cutting dairy from a 2 1/2 year old child.

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    Hi all, this is my first message here but i discovered the site and PB about 12 weeks ago and have been following the "diet" since.

    I'll do a proper introduction post later but first i'd like a little advice.

    My 2 and 1/2 year old son has been dealing with an annoying cough and congested chest/runny nose pretty much since he was very little, it comes and goes, in part we assume it's the change of seasons and contact with other kids (we have a in house daycare) his doctor said not to worry it's normal, but i do not really trust doctors...

    My son is a little cave boy, love's to be barefeet, play on the dirt, etc, his favorite snack is broccoli and he loves meat (is the Brazilian part of him).

    Does not really get sick besides the cough and runny nose.

    We're thinking about cutting his dairy consumption which consist a bottle of full fat milk a couple times a day (usually before falling asleep) cheese maybe once a day, some butter with our meals and a little more here and there.

    Does anyone think that cutting his milk or dairy completely would help fixing the problem? Not having cheese, butter is no problem but what (liquid) could we use to substitute his "bottles" ?



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    Could help.

    Coconut milk.

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    I'm trying to remember the snot/dairy connection, but my brain is tired. There is something to it though... will have to google later. I think it would definitely help to eliminate the dairy.

    As for the bottles... well, there's nothing wrong with water.

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    Perhaps slowly replace milk with water. I believe milk in a bottle after that age of 12 months can be very hard on your little one's teeth.

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    my son is the same age. he nurses down for nap and bedtime, and also when he wakes (if he wants), so max three times a day. no clue on the "dairy" volume of that. but otherwise, he gets about 2 oz of kefir or milk each day, tops. he drinks water and tea only.

    here is his current daily diet (as it manifests):

    breakfast: blueberries (frozen) and yogurt (1/2 tbsp to just cover the berries); 2 eggs, bacon (however much he wants), and steamed broccoli. cod liver oil.

    second breakfast (about an hour later): two eggs, kumara (sweet potato) hashbrowns, more steamed veggies.

    lunch: left over meat from dinner before plus steamed or roasted vegetables. kefir.

    dinner: whatever we are having for dinner. fermented veggie.

    occasionally, he has a snack--piece of fruit, piece of cheese. all he drinks is tea and water. juice is a super special (and very rare) treat, and we also very rarely, on occasion, have sparkling "fizzy" water. I also make all-natural soda (a digestive, fermented beverage), and so he will also have that on rare, rare occasion (afterall, it takes a while to make--at least a week--and quite honestly, i prefer to drink it all myself after he is in bed. LOL).

    i would recommend just making sure he has access to water, and he should be fine. you could also do coconut water or coconut milk, which would be full of fats, electrolytes, etc.

    if he's hungry, just feed him. i'm amazed by how much my son eats, prticularly the two breakfasts. he eats a lot early in the day, but after about 12, he eats very little at all, and goes to bed by 7:30. so, it's good.

    anyway, that's us over here.

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    All good advice above.

    Pasteurized milk can be a problem for some. If you can find a good source of raw milk, that may solve the problem. Goat's milk can be more easily digested as it has a protein content closer to breastmilk.

    You may also want to get his Vitamin D level checked--and if needed, supplement to sufficiency. More info here.

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    Our 3 year old is completely dairy free as it triggers eczema in her. We have moved her away from expecting white stuff to drink - she drinks water, like her elder sister and like us. She gets her nutrition from food, including smoothies made from coconut milk and coconut oil with avocado / chocolate / raspberries, whatever's going on the day. She is also a big meat fiend and absolutely loves the fat off the meat, which we give to her in copious amounts.

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    Even before I became lactose intolerant, I was always very much affected by dairy consumption, and there was a definite link between my (dairy) diet and chest congestion.

    If you're going to experiment, don't just do it halfway or it won't work. Cut out ALL dairy for at least a couple of weeks and see what happens. (In spite of what other people say, your kid won't die if he doesn't drink milk for two weeks.)

    Big thumbs up for coconut milk/coconut water.

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    A little update...So we cut all milk and almost all dairy (kept some Kefir and greek yogurt). For the first few times he tried his cup without milk and just water, he asked for the milk but we explained to him that it was causing him to get sick and it seems like he understood.

    It may be coincidence or not but, since we cut it out his nose stopped running and his chest cleared up.

    We do give him coconut milk with cocoa powder sometimes and he understands it's a treat that happens only once in a while...the rest of the time he gets water, just like mommy and daddy! :-)
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    My children are all dairy-free without having had any difficulty. We do drink coconut milk once per day, and my children have a small amount of pure cocoa every day too. It is very high in magnesium.

    My children are 7, 6, 5, 3, and a nursling 5 month old.

    As an aside, since going primal, my children have been drinking very little. They eat lots of veggies and some fruit, and they drink one cup of coconut milk blended with blueberries, and one cup of liquid for the rest of the day, by their choices. Some days they also have a cup of bone broth. At first this really freaked me out, but it's been three weeks this way, they are not dehydrated at all, and they have looooaaads of energy and productive creativity. I think they needed all that water before to digest grains, but no longer need it.

    I used to drink 4 litres of water each day, in addition to lots of veggies, and broth. I have been drinking one and a half to two litres of water, a cup of coconut milk, sometimes a cup of broth, but no more. I have had no reduction in milk production at all. So, I suspect grains again.

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