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Thread: getting started going primal

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    getting started going primal

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    I want to go primal but i don't know where to turn...i've been reading blogs and I have been on the forums here but i'm not sure where to start.. should I go Primal? Paleo? both?? i know that they are virtually one in the same but with a small difference.

    I will be purchasing a few books but are there any other ways??

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    I would say that you came to the right place. You will get a ton of advice/suggestions on these forums. But just reading MDA on a daily basis will help tremendously. Aside from MDA I also recommend Robb Wolf. He just recently released his book the Paleo Solution. He also has a free podcast that he does weekly. But overall, MDA and the Primal Blueprint is all you need. First of all, you need to have a plan and some short/long term goals. Primal/Paleo is more of a lifestyle than a diet. If you adhere to it you will find many benefits in overall health, strength, weight, mood, energy, and many fitness goals. If your goals are any of the ones I just mentioned, than you should go primal/paleo. Good luck!

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    I think you're overthinking it. The majority of both systems are simple. Just go ahead and start.

    Cut out grains.
    Cut out sugars.
    Increase protein (meat: beef, chicken, fish, lamb, bison, kangaroo, rabbit, warthog, giraffe, dolphin).
    Increase vegetables (green leafy, onions, broccoli)

    If you feel like it, cut out dairy, nuts, caffeine, nightshades and alcohol too.

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    For me, this simple list was the best and most helpful thing I have ever read on Paleo / Primal (which are more or less the same thing food-wise), Mark's getting started guide was great too. It takes a month or so to learn how to shop and cook this way, don't feel badly if you don't end up doing it all at once.

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    For me, I changed my diet first since I was already working out. My normal breakfast was egg whites, fruit, and oatmeal. I just made substiutions in my diet. So egg whites became 3 fried eggs, oatmeal became bacon, and I cut out the fruit in the beginning. It felt wrong, because I was eating 3 fried eggs and 8 strips of bacon, but it worked. I wasn't hungry mid morning, and I could eat less throughout the day. The other two meals I took out whatever grain or starch I would usually eat, and replace with with extra meat and more vegetables. Before primal I really only ate chicken, because that was what all the other websites said. Now I eat beef and pork a lot, with a lot of vegetables too (1.5-2 cups). Just give it a try and don't worry about results at first. Don't count calories either. Just listen to your body and you will figure out what the right amount to eat is. Then all you have to do is get the primal fitness E-book and do those things and you're primal!

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