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    Ever since going primal I've had the urge to take hunter safety classes, and pick up a license for November (I don't have a bow, so that negates the upcoming archery season).

    The "me" six months ago would have probably thought "dude, that's soooo hick" but now, you see, it makes a lot of sense. I grew up in a hunting family, and I think I may carry on the tradition.

    Anyone else contemplating this? Anyone else an avid hunter (or fisher)?

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    Well, I'm over in the UK where hunting is something to be whispered under your breath and kept very much a shameful least in the "urban mainstream".

    But I went rabbiting last week for the first time ever and loved it - and that was without even taking a shot. I fully intend to go out again and of course get some target practice in beforehand. Once I figured a few anatomical quirks out, it was the tastiest stew I'd ever made!

    Plus all that sneaking around burned a few calories and allowed us to watch a deer and her two young playing in the stubble field opposite - you wouldn't have seen that just by stomping around on a normal walk.

    I can't think of anything more primal than the hunt. My only caveats being happy, healthy prey, and a respectful, instant death.

    Do it!

    If you don't like it, is it such a big loss (i.e. does a licence cost money etc?)

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