Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if someone will help me with my recent lab work. I am deficient in:

Vit D is 60 (Quest), cortisol, progesterone, selenium, zinc, copper, vit E, A, folate, etc are all within normal limits.

My thyroid peroxidase antibodies are 791, TSH 6.30, rest of thyroid markers (free T4, free T3, total T3, and reverse T3) are normal. TSH was 52 about a month ago, but increasing my Naturethroid has brought it down. It should further improve with next lab work.

I guess my question is: what the heck is up with being deficient in the water soluble vitamins? What is the best forms to supplement with? I know you can get fat-soluble types of certain b-vitamins and C. With these deficiencies, is it better to get something like Jigsaw's slow-release type of vitamins? http://www.jigsawhealth.com/supplements/vitamin-b

Other than recommending magnesium glycinate, my doc said to just take double what the bottle says for the B-vits and C...huh? They are all different strengths. Any recommendations?


p.s. I got a b-12 shot, and will get one monthly, so that is taken care of.