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Thread: Primal Acronyms page 11

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    BLEAT sounds like it should have some sheep or goat in it

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    Wow, thanks Danielrh
    I was copying and pasting them all on a word doc and going to put in order later.....that helps. I am new and was lost half the time with so many acronyms in one post.

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    Thank you Danielrh!!! I was trying to figure out how I was going to remember all of these!! The one I couldn't figure was WOE... HA! Thanks again for "the big list"!

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    My GF does the 80/20 , but I have found I can't do that because when I did that I gained weight , my knees and back and wrist started hurting again and I just felt yucky ....:-(:-(:-( she keeps telling me I'm gonna have a heart attack because I like the fat on my beef .....

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    Have read 21-day total body transformation and quite new in the Primal world, but canīt find what CAFO stands for. I understand it is "badly or wrongly fed and bred" animals, but I would like to know what the CAFO are in words... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SerialSinner View Post
    Thought this would be useful for future newcomers. Some that come to my mind right now:

    MDA = Marks Daily Apple

    SAD = Standard American Diet

    PUFAs = Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids

    CW = Conventional Wisdom

    o-3 / n-3 / w-3 = Omega 3

    GC BC = Good Calories, Bad Calories (book by Gary Taubes)

    o-6-3 or o-6/o-3 = Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio

    Rob Wolf

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