Ok.. Grizz...just got my labs back and ran my #s using your equations in your Cholesterol Primer thread (BTW GREAT THREAD - shared it w/my mom)
Wanted to get your take... and any one else's for that matter.

Here's what the lab reported (Non-fasting btw):
Cholesterol: 270
Trig 40.0 mg/dl
HDL - 57 mg/dl (serum)
dLDL -C 191.0 mg/dl

So I ran calculations using excel for both the Iranian Equation and the Friedewald formula

Iranian Equation for LDL:
(270/1.19) +(40/1.19) -(57/1.10) - 38 = 158.12

Ratios using the Iranian Eqn
270/57 = 4.74 (could stand improvement - but under 5 so ok)
40/57 = .70 (Thumbs UP!)
158/57 = 2.77 (Thumbs UP!)

Friedewald formula for LDL
270 - (57 + (40/5))= 205

Ratios using the Friedewald eqn
270/57= 4.47
40/57 = .70
205/57 = 3.60
Still doing good on the ratios.... : )

What I don't understand is where the lab got the dLDL of 191. These labs were performed at the VA Medical Center (They do them in house and don't send the out to quest/labcorp)

I understand from your "Cholesterol Primer thread" that the Ratios are what's important - however I've been asked by my doctor to Lower the over all cholesterol - Using CW, which of course I'll avoid! so - in addition to lowering the over all cholesterol I would also need to lower my LDL. In addition to Lowering the LDL, do I need to raise my Trigs and HDL As well? I'm asking this b/c
my VA Dr is "Threatening Stains" - I don't go in to see her for another 6mths - I plan on discussing how my ratios look as an indicator vs taking those crappy stains (I have such a problem with most drugs I won't take them) and I going to continue w/ the Primal WOL...