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    How much of these vitamins per day?

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    It seems every where I read online, I'm taking an excess amount of these vitamins per day. Could you guys clarify if I'm taking too much of one, too little of another, or if these doses are fine? Thank you!

    Vitamin D: 1000 ui
    Magnesium: 640 mg
    Zinc: 30mg

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    I'm far from an expert, but those doses look fine to me. Many here would call that kind of Vitamin D intake way too low. And I've taken 50mg of zinc daily for two or three months before without an issue. If you aren't noticing any problems, stick with it. You might want to cut back a bit on the minerals after a couple months of supplementation.

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    Looks good. I recommend upping the Vitamin D though. Lots of people have success with 4000-5000IU. Get tested for Vitamin D and then regulate accordingly. You can up the zinc a little but 30mg is fine.

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    +1 Your vitamin D is WAY too low.

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