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    Getting enough water

    What do you guys think about getting enough water?

    I know Mark's stance on this, that you should drink when you are thirsty, and I completely agree with the concept behind that. The problem is that whenever I am not at home and don't have very much to drink, I will forget to drink anything for 12+ hours at a time.This is somewhat dehydrating. If I have water, I find that I am thirsty and will drink it happily without feel like I am stuffing myself. As a result I have been bringing a water bottle with me to school and have felt better as a result. I think the thing with water is a little bit like fasting for me, if I did not give myself access to yummy food two-three times a day I probably would not eat enough simply because I do not get very hungry.

    What do you guys think about water? Do you make an effort to drink throughout the day or do you let your body tell you when it really needs water?

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    If you feel better when you drink more water then by all means do so. The big problem with drinking too much water as I understand it is that it can upset electrolyte balance (as well as the stomach acid issue Mark brought up) so as long as you're getting enough of that through diet or supplements I don't see that it should be a problem.

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    i drink a lot of water, by all accounts maybe a bit too much. but as long as i feel good (and i really feel excellent compared to drinking less), i will keep it up. most of the time i don't drink just water, on most occasions it's green tea, one lemon i 1.5l or sparkling mineral water.

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    Watch the color of your urine. If it is dark yellow, you are not getting enough water. Drink enough water so your urine is a very light color yellow.


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