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Thread: Natural fungal/Athlete's Foot remedy

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    Natural fungal/Athlete's Foot remedy

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    I have a fungal-looking patch of skin on bot big toes. It is flaky and has that delightfully familiar cheesey odour. Lovely eh?

    I'd rather try something natural before the commercial sprays and powders.

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    baking soda. if your skin is too sensitive to handle it directly, you can soak your foot in a solution (no real amounts, just make it strong... baking soda is cheap anyway).

    Baking soda creates an environment that fungus cannot grow in.

    In combination, try to keep cheats to a minimum or go without them until it is gone... specifically VLC or ZC. Even with creating a hostile external environment, it can survive as long as it's fed, and it survives on sugar.

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    Also, when not soaking keep your foot as dry as possible. Keep the foot as exposed to air as possible, without contaminating surfaces with the fungus. Wear flip flips in the shower so that you don't re-contract it from yourself. If you are someone that gets sweaty slightly wet feet during the day, then consider changing your socks halfway. Wash all socks on HOT until the problem has cleared up completely.

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    Tea tree oil. Unlike the creams and stuff, bacteria and fungus can't adapt to it. I had athlete's foot years ago and it was the only thing that got rid of it permanently.

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    Ok, I wasnt going to say this, but I know that it has worked for MANY people

    Pee on it, 1-2 times a day, suppose to be cleared up in a week, suppose to be peed on by the owner of the fungus

    But I also know that Tee Tree oil works for TONS of skin issues especially fungus related
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    Rub natural oil into your feet every morning. I use Grapeseed oil. However you can also use Coconut oil.

    Your feet and toenails will soon be as nice as baby feet.


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    yes, yes. +1 to all above.

    (I've never heard of the peeing thing, but it doesn't seem that far-fetched to me, and it certainly couldn't hurt anything. Fortunately, the fungus is on his foot, not on his face. heeheeh.)

    baking soda = excellent, externally as well as internally.
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    Coconut oil is another natural antifungal.
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    i've heard the pee and tea tree oil...and i suppose they work. i haven't tried it, but i've read that shoving garlic between your toes and squeezing them together is a pretty good cure.

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    After washing, coat your feet with coconut oil. Wear clean socks, of course. Tea tree oil works but some can't handle it. Also, the coconut oil smells better when you are in company. Actually it even smells better when you are alone too.

    Some have success with coating their feet with vaseline before bed and wearing clean cotton socks every night.

    Crushed garlic rubbed on your feet and between the toes is good too, but like the tea tree oil, it can cause problems for some people. Any other anti-fungal would be good.

    Never heard of the pee deal. Do you carry a bottle with you during the day for fresh applications?

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