Dear Mark,

I just downloaded the Primal Fitness eBook (Thanks a ton!), and was going through your Five Essential Movements. It struck me, as to how similar it was to the poses in the suryanamaskar cycle in yoga.

Now, I'm no Yoga buff, but I'm from India and have seen it being done by almost everyone. We had to do it mandatory in school. It includes, one pushup, one overhead press, one squat, in addition to back, hamstrings, calf stretches and all positions are held in to the 'core'. It does not however, include a pullup. It's repeated 12 to 60 times, depending on the level of stamina.

Other differences is that it is supposedly done better slower and there is a rhythm to the breathing. Im no expert at all though.

So what do you say about that ? Is Surya Namaskar a good beginner starting point for the primal movements ? With pullups added in ?