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    Hi, I'm relatively new to primal living, and was wondering if anyone had any advice specific to body type. I'm a classic endomorph - tend towards high body fat, gain weight easily, big booty, carb sensitivity, and can gain muscle pretty easily. I've never had a 6-pack. The lowest body-fat percentage I've ever had was 12-13% and to accomplish this end I lifted for about an hour and did 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and measured out all my food. This is not really sustainable. Currently, I estimate I am around 20% bf. I am looking to build muscle and lose body fat, which I believe is possible to do simultaneously going primal. I don't want to overtrain, but with my body type it seems like I have to do an insane amount of cardio to lose weight. I've been primal for about a month and have gained some muscle, but not lost a lot of fat. I think my body responds better to lean protein and coconut oil/butter versus fatty meats like chicken legs with skin. One day I bought a really gourmet butter and gorged on it and woke up the next day looking pretty lean. I've been eating daily roughly 160 g of protein, 2 apples or servings of berries, veggies and a decent amount of fat.

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice for the endomorph body type. Maybe I need more cardio than Mark recommends or less fructose. I want to continue to gain muscle and maximize fat loss. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks. Grok on.

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    The somatotypes seem to be an oversimplification of what determines body shape. Certainly one can change and maintain whatever body shape they desire. I feel like I was in a similar situation to you when i started the PB, I resembled a classic endomorph but after two months of focusing on strength training and compound movements I have built musculature that resembles a mesomorph. I think it comes down to body recomposition, you want to change the way your body is, a much deeper concept than how it looks.

    As to any special measures you might take to get this done, I would say that if carb sensitivity, as you mentioned, is an issue you might benefit from a drastic cut in your carb intake, which will both force your body to metabolize fat and will decrease your insulin response over time. Hope this helps.

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