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    I serendipitously found this site and love it. I have always had a problem with too many carbs, but was never successful on a high protein diet. Now I know the right way to do all this.

    I have also discovered more interesting ways to workout imagining myself all paleo.

    I have a challenge in that I have renal failure and was worried about changing my diet to primal. But now I know the right way to do it. I believe this will only help to preserve the kidney function I still have, especially since I learned that fructose and insulin are damaging to the kidney and blood vessels.

    I find the stories here very enlightening and enjoyable. I would like to communicate with others who may impaired renal function who are doing the primal lifestyle. I also have a lot of weight to lose (I have already lost 11 pounds). I did this eating eating bacon and eggs, all kinds of meat, dairy, nuts and fruit. It sure beats starving.

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    I'm not all that familiar with renal failure... but perhaps you can enlighten us a bit,... do you have to modify your carb intake so that your kidney won't be further damaged? Perhaps consuming a bit more carbs/drinking more water? Or can you just eat the primal way as suggested and is that the correct way to eat even if you have renal failure?

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