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Thread: two questions: grease and sweet potatoes

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    two questions: grease and sweet potatoes

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    okay another dumb question. Do you save the grease from your meats and how do you do this? I drain hamburger but throw it out....

    The other question is i have never had sweet potatoes, so how on earth do I fix them. I am looking for recipe in the search and didn't really find any but one that was fried chips...sounds great but I don't have the tallow I think they said??? Any suggestions. Thank you

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    If it's grassfed hamburger, don't drain it--eat it with the meat.
    If it's grainfed hamburger, drain it and throw it away. Just make sure to compensate by eating a healthy fat from something else (unheated olive oil, for example, or fish oil.

    I just nuke sweet potatoes in the microwave on the "baked potato" setting, and then if I have the oven on, put it in there to crisp up the skin a bit.

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    I cut sweet potato up and fry in coco oil. pan fry that is. And don't drain the meAT! fat is good.

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    Cut the sweet potatoes up, boil 'em, and mash 'em. Really, there's a thousand ways to cook anything.

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    I peel them, cube them, and saute them with chopped onion (optional) in a pan with coconut oil till soft, about 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

    Coconut oil is pricey, so you might want to go with lard. Go to a store with a hispanic food section, and you'll find it in buckets labeled manteca or grasa de cerdo.

    Some people make "fries" with them, but I've never had luck with getting them crunchy; they go straight from being hard and uncooked to being soft and falling apart on me.
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    I mostly just cube sweet potatoes, toss them in olive oil and roast them at 450 degrees on parchment paper.

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    you can cook sweet potatoes in any way you cook plain white potatoes. just peel them first! bake for about an hour, then eat as is or mash. to make fries, you can cut them up then bake as you would regular fries, or deep fry them in tallow or coconut oil. very tasty any way you make them!

    the only grease i save is from bacon, which is awesome for cooking veggies.
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    I peel a hunk of yam (really, sweet potato), then chop it into small pieces, sizzle it in some butter in an iron skillet, sometimes with sesame seeds, sometimes with a few peas added, and/or some mushrooms cut up, sometimes with a little curry powder, sometimes with side pork included, then crack a few eggs into the pan, and turn it all into an omelet. Sometimes served with salsa or green tobasco sauce, and/or a little yogurt on the side.

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    Why do you need to peel them?

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    I'd be interested to know that, too - I've been eating the skins.

    I've been baking sweet potatoes like I would ordinary ones: start them in the microwave if I'm in a hurry, finish them off in the oven, and eat with plenty of butter mashed in. Lovely, but almost too sweet to be part of a savoury course.

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